On Going


.if | INTERACTIVE FORMATS for Enhanced, Expanded and Extended Conferences
may-june 2010



  1. Idea / Problem Setting / Context
    The ON-GOING project is part of a larger project that deals with the redevelopment of the Meet the Media Guru event.
    MMG is a digital culture event that concentrates on a cycle of conferences by leading international speakers (GURU’s)
    The event is a yearly program that focuses on important topics related to the innovation and digital culture. It is targeted to a specific community as well as a broader community.
    Three major parts have been predefined as ON-AIR, ON-GOING and ON THE ROAD.

  2. What is it (quote/expand your project abstract)
    The ON-GOING section addresses the gap between two conferences referring to the situations after the event and before the event.
    The main questions are occurring around two topics:
    The first one is browsing & collecting data and information on the conference website. How can the knowledge that was generated during and after the conferences be accessed and viewed and what are the tools needed to make a coherent collection with immediate output.
    The second the question is, how to engage the community to be active in open discussions after an event to extend the duration of the conference and but also how to involve people prior to the conference in order to determine a future guru and create an active community that is contributing to the richness of the conference.

  3. How it works (provide details of the envisioned solution)
    The design solutions are centered on a website platform with a clear hierarchy.
    The main display is divided in three horizontal sections. The upper part is dedicated to contributions by the institution and the guru, the middle part is used for the timeline and navigation tools and the lower part of the interface is always dedicated to display user-generated content.
    The content provided by the organization is showing the video and presentation file of the guru’s lecture, the guru’s profile and Q&A or hot topics recently discussed.
    The vertical sections of the community content are chat/comments, pictures/video, links/files, people.

In order to enhance the engaging part of the MMG conferences the following on-going interactions were created:
People who are registered at MMG will receive newsletters before every chapter of the conference. This letter contains a link that will direct them to the community view and ongoing discussion.
Before entering the website the user is asked for a quick vote on topics that a future Guru should talk about, maybe even vote on who the next guru might be.
In order to stimulate an ongoing discussion we invented the chapter “the Guru is back”. At a designated time the Guru will come back to the discussion on the community platform. This after hour event can be an online video conference.

The design solutions features three main interaction modalities based on a “timeline”, a “community-network” browsing and visualization mode and a collecting tool called “my page”

People centric interaction:
The user can browse the interfaces by the community’s network. Starting from a network view that is by default centered on the respective Guru then the user can browse through the information displayed in each section and/or select any person to view the network related. The icon of the selected person will move into the center of the stage displaying its network connections. The profile of the selected person will show in the people’s window and display more details.

Content centric interactions:
The user may access the content that is displayed in the upper and lower sections where it is already structured by media. While browsing through the content, the user can at all time activate the collection mode. Any item selected will be added to “My page” where it can be edited to create a layout. “My page” offers export functions to save the report as pdf, for mobile devices or you can send it via mail.

Event centric:
As the Guru is the main driver for the identification of an event, all the information seen in the timeline is primarily structured by events. All events are subdivided in 4 chapters: “warm-up”, “on-air”, “debrief” and “the guru is back”. Depending on the section selected or viewed on the timeline the columns will dynamically feed with content related to that section.

  1. Value and Potential (chritical aspects, further potential develop-
    The proposed design solution offer easy access to the knowledge and information generated throughout the conferences. The proposed interaction modalities allow easy and intuitive collecting of valuable data, where as the My Page tool provides a simple layout environment to create a report. The documents can then be exported to various standard formats.
    By introducing a people centric view of the conference and the social network of the community, this platform can enhance the participation and contributions from the user. This will provide a new way to take advantage of the value that MMG has to offer.